As I sit here and reflect over the past year, I realize how much I have grown as a person in these past twelve months.  Life is truly a journey and each step we take will lead us further down this path called life.

I truly appreciate every moment I have experienced this past year and throughout my life because these moments have made me who I am today, and I love it!

This year has taught me many things but the following to me are the worthiest of mentioning:

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone


We are habitual creatures and I am truly a person of habit. This past year has taught me that the only way you can grow is if you take chances and get out of your comfort zone. Growth is a choice, we can choose to remain the same or we can choose to strive to be the best version of ourselves we can possibly be.

We all have things that we dream about and things we want to accomplish. Unfortunately, a lot of time we are our own worst enemy. We stop ourselves from chasing our dreams because we are afraid that things will not work out, but what if they do!?

I have chosen to go for what I want because I refuse to regret not taking a chance and wondering “What If” later on in life.

Let Go Of The Past


We all have a past and nobody is perfect regardless of what anyone says. When we focus on the past, it leaves no room for us to grow and look forward to the future. The past is the past for a reason, if you choose to dwell on it you can miss out on what is right in front of you.  

Just let it go and embrace all the wonderful things to come! 

If you have made mistakes, just remember, your past mistakes don’t define you. Learn from those mistakes and make sure you don’t repeat them. If you do repeat them then they are no longer a mistake, they are a choice. I myself, have made plenty of mistakes and bad choices but I am so grateful that those choices have not resulted in irreversible damage to my life.

Choose wisely and move on!

Control Your Emotions


Humans are emotional creatures. When we don’t control our emotions, we react instead of responding and as a result, bad things can happen.

I have learned to not react to anger, frustration or loneliness. Instead, I take time to analyze the situation and find out what is causing the emotion I am experiencing. Once I can identify the cause then I can address the situation rationally.

A key word of advice, the only person you can change is you! If you think you can change someone else, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

Have you ever thought “If I can change XYZ about a person then I will be happy”?  Well I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but I have learned that the only person responsible for your happiness is you! If another person determines your happiness, then that is truly a scary thing if you really think about it.

Be Consistent


Consistency is key in everything. A lot of times we give up too soon and wonder why things don’t work out. We look at other people’s lives and see their success and wonder why we aren’t where we want to be.

You know why they are successful? They remained consistent, disciplined and never gave up! I have learned that motivation will only take you so far. There are days that my motivation is off the charts and days that it is nowhere to be found. But discipline is doing what needs to be done even when you don’t feel like it.

That’s where success comes from…..Discipline!

Have Patience


We live in a world of wanting immediate gratification, no one has patience. Having patience allows us to tolerate delays and obstacles without getting angry or frustrated. It’s not a question of if obstacles will arise but a question of when they will arise.

Keep in mind that things don’t happen overnight. We tend to get the impression that people gain success out of nowhere, but I guarantee if you ask any successful person, they will say they worked hard for what they wanted. If something doesn’t work, learn from it and try again.

Patience is key!!

Don’t Worry About What Other People Think


This one!!!!

Please stop caring about what other people think, people will talk whether you are doing good or bad, so who cares!

Caring about what other people think will keep you from taking chances and getting out of your comfort zone. Anyone who has accomplished something great has been talked about and criticized by someone who has a different opinion. I refuse to let other people’s opinions get to me. I am confident in myself and my capabilities and you should be too!

Stay true to yourself, do what is right and let people talk all they want.

So there you have it folks! 2018 has had ups, downs, lessons, wins and losses. But guess what???? You are still standing which means you still have a reason for being on this earth!

So with that being said, make your resolutions, and ignore the naysayers. Keep making those resolutions until they stick and you make them happen! State your goals, write them down and take action!

I’m claiming health, success and happiness for us all!  I’m ready for 2019 are you???

Find Health in Every Day!

Dr. Lindsay