We all have dreams and aspirations that we would like to accomplish. Be it career, family, financial or health goals we all have that something that we catch ourselves thinking about on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, life can get in the way and we become so busy that those big dreams start to diminish. We slowly talk ourselves out of even trying because we simply just don’t have enough time. In reality, there will never be a perfect time in our lives for anything so you just have to GO FOR IT, if it something that you truly desire.

A dream will stay just that, a DREAM, if we don’t take action! Our daily habits are what truly make or break us so we must get to the point where we discipline ourselves to achieve the things we really want for our lives.

We are what we repeatedly do!!!

This is where setting GOALS comes into play. People love to use the word goals, we see it everywhere body goals, hair goals, squad goals, couple goals, the lists goes on. But just using the word “goals” and not doing anything else is not going to get you any closer to what you want to achieve.

Goals will live and die in your mind if you do not take ACTION!!

So before we get into how to set SMART goals let’s talk about behavior-based versus outcome-based goals.

  • Behavior-Based Goals:
    • Focus more on how you feel and how you act. Behavior-based goals help you target what key actions you need to take on a continuous basis rather than focusing on the final outcome. A lot of times how we “feel” determines how we behave. So taking notice of those feelings and how they affect our behavior is very important.
  • Outcome-Based Goals:
    • Focus more on the end result. Most people set outcome-based goals because they tend to be easier to measure. They place more emphasis on the result of your actions rather than how you feel and the resulting behavior.

The key to accomplishing your goals is to use both behavior and outcome-based methods. Once we identify our feeling and how they affect our behavior, we can take actionable steps which will result in better results or outcomes.

So what are SMART goals?? They are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and have a Timeline.


  • The more specific your goals the more likely you are to complete it. For example, you can say “I want to lose 30 pounds” or you can say “I want to lose 30 pounds by eating healthier, performing daily exercise and drinking more water” it puts it in your mind specifically how you plan to lose the weight.


  • A goal must be measurable, otherwise how do you know you have achieved it? Breaking your goal into measurable steps that have physical evidence will help you to actually complete the goal.


  • Is the goal you have set something that is achievable? There’s nothing wrong with having huge dreams but you must also set current goals that are realistic. This is where taking action daily comes into play. The more action we take the more likely our goals will be attainable with proper discipline, persistence and consistency.


  • This is where you want to make sure that your goals is worthwhile and that all of the time and effort you put in will align with other areas of your life. This will ensure the goal really matters to you and you will be fully committed.


  • Goals need a deadline, otherwise you don’t have a target to aim at. Think about your goal and give yourself a reasonable timeline to complete it. Having a specific target date will help you to stay on track and reach the finish line. If you have a long-term goal setting incremental reminders can help break it into smaller targets. If you get behind, you will know ahead of time, which will allow you to adjust your efforts accordingly.

Setting SMART goals can help you attain all of your dreams! Don’t be afraid to dream big and want more for yourself! Just remember that anything worth having is worth working for! So write your goals down and put them somewhere that will be a constant reminder of all that you want to achieve.

Remember a dream is just a dream if we take no action, don’t be afraid to ACT because the time will pass anyway, why not use that time wisely!

Find Health in Every Day!

Dr. Lindsay